Points Accumulator

All Members can accumulate club points throughout 2021.

As a member you will be sent a points award card with your membership badges, you will need one card per horse.


Points can be gained at any show as follows;

1st = 6 Points           3rd = 4 Points        5th = 2 Points

2nd = 5 Points         4th = 3 Points        6th = 1 Point

Supreme Champion = 15 Points    Reserve Supreme = 12 Points

Champion = 10 Points                     Reserve Champion = 8 Points

*Welsh Medal Classes - all points will be doubled*

*All Avon and Borders Welsh classes including unaffiliated classes will be tripled.  

Results limited to 30 per horse including championships and supremes (first or seconds must be recorded when claiming championship and supremes).*

Points will only be valid when judge has signed the card. lost card will be replaced but any results will be forfeited. 


For this year we have added a few extra categories for the 'less competitive members'.

HELPERS HOURS - 20 points per hour

SPONSORSHIP - 1 point for every £1 for members that sponsor classes 

GIFTS - 5 points for raffle prices/gifts donated to the club 

SUPPORTER - 5 points for attending events/newsletter articles/ads on the website.

*please ask for extra cards if you have family members that will not be competing.*